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It could be that many people have not heard of Botswana and those few who have, think only of its big, wild animals. The largest population of elephants in Africa is here, for example. Our focus, however, is on the Batswana people, their history, their culture and their blend of tradition and modernity.

Guidebooks for tourists mostly support wild-animal-safari enthusiasms so it’s harder for tourists to gather information on the people. In our detailed booklet, we set out to promote Botswana’s less well-known and less visited aspects and to give enough information for travellers to make all their own arrangements to visit.

Map of Africa
Botswana’s inland location in southern Africa

Map © Mike Main

The authors of this website are Mike and Wendy Brogden. Wendy taught in a Botswana school in the 1970s and she and Mike have made several return visits. They have also kept a friendship with some of her old pupils and got to know their children. Three of the children came to the UK on a visit in 2005 and two have made subsequent visits. In 2016, Mike and Wendy attended the wedding ceremonies of one of these children, a most interesting insight into Botswana customs.

From these experiences, they have decided to set up a consultancy to enable UK tourists to see something of the people of Botswana and their culture.

For their booklet of information and guidance see Publications.

The Oodi Weavers
The Oodi Weavers

One of the several craft wokshops you could visit in the Gaborone area

I Love Botswana

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